The Importance of Insurance for Technology Products

tech insuarnceSo your house was just broken into and your fancy home entertainment system that was the envy of all your friends and neighbors (and cost you an arm and a leg) was just stolen.

You might think that, though a bit of a hassle, this is ultimately not too much of a problem, as your homeowners insurance will surely be sending you a check to replace it. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as there is a strict maximum that most insurance policies will pay you for your lost or destroyed items, regardless of how much they are actually worth.

Your technology products are probably some of the most valuable, most vulnerable, and most important items that you own, so it is of the utmost importance that you are able to replace them as painlessly as possible if anything were to happen to them.

It is a widely believed myth that traditional insurance will cover the loss of any possessions, whether by flooding, theft, or a fire. Indeed, it certainly is true that both homeowners insurance and renters insurance will help to cover some of that loss.

However, the assumption that many people make, that if you’ve lost $20000 worth of goods, then you will get a check for $20000 from your insurer, is simply not true. Because of this, it is important to ensure that many of your more valuable possessions, particularly expensive technology products, have their own individual insurance policies. Read more

Technology in the Classroom

school technology

Technology has become an absolutely vital part of modern life and has extended its reach into most aspects of our lives. One place that is currently undergoing a massive technological shift is the classroom, as schools are looking for ways to incorporate technology, computers, and the internet in the learning process.

These changes aren’t meant to replace teachers or traditional learning techniques, but are instead meant to supplement them by improving student’s access to information and better allow them to learn. Smartboards and smartpens allow students to review literally everything they saw in class and even to follow along in their teacher’s process.

Wikipedia and other sites now serve as a repository of information more prolific than any library could ever be. And programs to get more computers in the hands of students are revolutionizing how learning can be done both at school and at home.

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Traveling? Make Sure You Pack These Essential Gadgets!

It’s notravel gadgets secret that traveling can be stressful, especially in the day and age, where technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. You get off the plane, go through customs, and you’re ready for your vacation! But then… you realize the worst. What do you do if you travel to another country and realize the Wi-Fi costs are crazy expensive? Or worse!

What if Wi-Fi is not even available in the area? How about charging your essential gear? And what happens when you get bored? Never fear! Because with these essential gadgets, you will sit cozy and comfy knowing that you have everything you need to work, check your email, and keep you and those around you entertained.

No trip is complete without these necessary technology tools.  Read more

De-mystifying the Tech Behind Modern Appliances: Pet Vacuums and Portable Air Conditioners

Overall modern technology has improved the lives of the vast majority of us, only there are plenty of people that do not quite understand what it is all about. Modern appliances are there to make our lives easier, and less complicated than if we did not have the latest gadgets and products in our homes. Two such appliances are pet vacuums, and portable air conditioning units, and they can certainly make our lives easier. Knowing how they work can also help people in de-mystifying the tech behind gadgets.

Understanding how pet vacuums work

Pet vacuums are a modern appliance intended to make the lives of pet owners easier, and, therefore, better. Brooms, brushes, dust pans and brushes can, and are often used to clean up after pets but they do not always make homes as clean as most people would hope them to become. No matter how hard people try with brooms and brushes they find it very difficult to clean up everything left behind by their pets. Besides it can seem that pet owners have to put in a lot of time and effort to clean up after their pets.

Pet owners have used ordinary vacuum cleaners for many years to attempt to make their home cleaning efforts more effective than by using manual brooms and brushes to get the job done. However, not even vacuum cleaners can always get the smallest pet hairs, or rogue strands of fur. Some of the mess that your pets leave behind is barely detectable by the human eye.

If you purchase vacuum cleaners with extra powerful suction then all the tiny bits of fur, fluff, and hairs left behind by your pets are sucked up and out of your home. Vacuums that are able to wash carpets and rugs could also be amongst the best to use as they will wash away mites and bacteria from your pets. You can find more information about pet vacuums from

Understanding how portable air conditioners work

Now portable air conditioners if you live in a place that is usually hot, or somewhere that is enduring a heat wave can be all the difference between staying warm, and getting cool. If people live in warmer climates, they will often have a full air conditioning system installed. Such systems tend be expensive, and use up a lot of power. During the worst heat waves if everybody puts on their air conditioning units on full then it can cause power cuts.

The advantage of owning, or even renting portable air conditioning units is that it can be more cost effective than installing a full air conditioning system. If you live somewhere that does not often have heat waves you may only want to use air conditioning on an infrequent basis, so a portable system might be ideal in such situations.

Portable air conditioning systems have their own power supplies, so they are not going to stop working if there is a power cut. So if you are using one of those systems and there is a power cut you can stay cool whilst everybody could quite be left sweating.