The Importance of Insurance for Technology Products

tech insuarnceSo your house was just broken into and your fancy home entertainment system that was the envy of all your friends and neighbors (and cost you an arm and a leg) was just stolen.

You might think that, though a bit of a hassle, this is ultimately not too much of a problem, as your homeowners insurance will surely be sending you a check to replace it. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as there is a strict maximum that most insurance policies will pay you for your lost or destroyed items, regardless of how much they are actually worth.

Your technology products are probably some of the most valuable, most vulnerable, and most important items that you own, so it is of the utmost importance that you are able to replace them as painlessly as possible if anything were to happen to them.

It is a widely believed myth that traditional insurance will cover the loss of any possessions, whether by flooding, theft, or a fire. Indeed, it certainly is true that both homeowners insurance and renters insurance will help to cover some of that loss.

However, the assumption that many people make, that if you’ve lost $20000 worth of goods, then you will get a check for $20000 from your insurer, is simply not true. Because of this, it is important to ensure that many of your more valuable possessions, particularly expensive technology products, have their own individual insurance policies. Read more

Technology in the Classroom

school technology

Technology has become an absolutely vital part of modern life and has extended its reach into most aspects of our lives. One place that is currently undergoing a massive technological shift is the classroom, as schools are looking for ways to incorporate technology, computers, and the internet in the learning process.

These changes aren’t meant to replace teachers or traditional learning techniques, but are instead meant to supplement them by improving student’s access to information and better allow them to learn. Smartboards and smartpens allow students to review literally everything they saw in class and even to follow along in their teacher’s process.

Wikipedia and other sites now serve as a repository of information more prolific than any library could ever be. And programs to get more computers in the hands of students are revolutionizing how learning can be done both at school and at home.

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Traveling? Make Sure You Pack These Essential Gadgets!

It’s notravel gadgets secret that traveling can be stressful, especially in the day and age, where technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. You get off the plane, go through customs, and you’re ready for your vacation! But then… you realize the worst. What do you do if you travel to another country and realize the Wi-Fi costs are crazy expensive? Or worse!

What if Wi-Fi is not even available in the area? How about charging your essential gear? And what happens when you get bored? Never fear! Because with these essential gadgets, you will sit cozy and comfy knowing that you have everything you need to work, check your email, and keep you and those around you entertained.

No trip is complete without these necessary technology tools.  Read more

My career move from Dubai to Toronto

I had been based in Dubai working for a large software company for the past five years. I absolutely adored the multi cultured life that the city offers and it gave me immense satisfaction that this place is my home. Since UAE is growing so rapidly, our company was tasked with developing the next generation software products that would be integrated into daily lives of the residents. We designed cutting edge RFID toll tags for their new toll roads and provided a full suite of online services that let the residents access government offices from their computer.

A couple of months ago I was offered a job at Google in Toronto. I had decided to take the offer because I felt stuck in my current position. But moving from Dubai to another continent with a wife and a kid seemed pretty daunting given the amount of stuff we would have to move. We decided to take most of our furniture with us because we had paid quite a bit of money for it only a few years ago.

I started my research about a month before I had to actually move. Thanks to technology, the web was filled with countless options. Eventually I ended up finalizing the movers by reading the reviews on this website. Our moving experience was extremely comfortable and we had the kind of service that was well worth the money they charged us. Everything was simple (as simple as can be moving from one continent to another) and NO “gotchas”. In the meantime, we had great fun attending farewell parties organized by our friends for us.

Upon reaching Toronto, it was obvious that it a totally different place then Dubai. Yes, the biggest change was the extreme weather. While Dubai was really hot, Toronto was the land of snow. While Dubai had high temperatures for more than half of the years, Toronto barely saw summer time

Working at Google is awesome. I get to build software products that are used by millions of people. I’m part of the team that is building a peer to peer social network that allows people to stay in contact without having your data go through an intermediary server. It’s being built on a proprietary technology based off of node.js. It’s great for people who care about their privacy. Everything was great until one day during a foggy, snowy night I was returning home from my new workplace. Some wise guy didn’t see where he was going and rear ended me. It gave me a serious whiplash injury causing intense pain in my neck and shoulders. The slow healing process almost made me lost my brand new job. A big part of my job require acute amount of focus which was impossible with the growing amount of pain in the back of my neck. The long hours of working in front of a computer screen were really stressful. Sleep deprivation was no help either.

At one point, a friend told me that I should consult my insurance company to see if they would compensate me for this injury. Since the accident was not my fault, he thought that I would be eligible for it. I researched online and found some whiplash information sites that explained the whole process and I’m going to give it a shot. The process is somewhat lengthy and does require several doctor visits, but at this point, I’m willing to try anything to get rid of this pain.

Could A Website Sell Forklift Training Courses?

The Internet is a very big place. There are now probably billions of websites online and the competition on the Internet is intense. In every possible business niche you could imagine there will be competition from other websites, in many cases hundreds of other websites.

We were recently asked by a friend whether it would be possible to promote his company online using a website. His company is a small company offering forklift training courses leading to a forklift licence. He has been looking online at forklift training websites and wondering whether his company should promote its forklift licensing similar to this

And so he has come to us to ask our advice on the prospect of successfully attracting new business to their forklift training company using a website.

He has a number of concerns about this. His first concern is that it will be extremely expensive to create a website for his forklift licence company and that the return on investment will be relatively low.

And the second concern is that after spending a lot of money building a website no one will actually visit, or if they do they won’t actually join one of his forklift training courses, which is the whole reason the website would be there in the first place.

So let’s consider the answers to both of those questions.

What is the cost of setting up a forklift licensing website?

Many people assume that the cost of setting up a website is very high. This is not necessarily the case, and in fact it’s perfectly possible to set up a site for very little cost if someone in the company is willing to undertake the short learning process required to learn how to develop a website. It would be perfectly possible to develop a small forklift licensing website at very little cost, or no cost.

For instance there are places where it’s perfectly possible to set up a free website. The website interface, in other words where you build your site and add your content, is relatively intuitive and anyone with a basic knowledge of using Word would be able, after some practice, to learn how to set up their own webpages.

Usually, however, places where you would get a free website list your website on their own domain name. So in other words instead of your domain being it would be, which is not necessarily ideal.

However it’s perfectly possible to purchase your own domain name and very low cost and install the same software on your own domain name. It still relatively straightforward to learn how to use it and therefore it’s quite possible to set up a website quite cheaply.

How many people would actually come to the website?

How many people come to the website is difficult to answer. However it’s possible to get an answer to the question of how many people are searching for this type of information, and draw conclusions from this. It’s possible to get this information from Google, which tells me that there are 14,800 people searching for the keyword “forklift certification” every single month.

And provided the forklift licensing website was a good website which attracted some prominence in Google it’s perfectly possible to get a significant proportion of these searchers to a website.

And of course there will always be a percentage of these people who will join the forklift training course.

So the bottom line is that it’s not particularly expensive to set up a website, if you are prepared to some of the work yourself, and there are significant numbers of people searching for forklift training courses on the Internet.

So we would have no doubts at all that a website would pay for itself very quickly.

How To Use The Internet To Get A Job

There are millions of people on this planet who own some sort of computer, laptop or tablet. Some sort of device that can access the internet. Some of the perks of internet and computers is that you can search for new job opportunities and how to go about getting the proper training for said jobs.

One of my favourite job articles I read online was about forklifts. I will just give you the lowdown and a summary of what it was about and how it helped me to find a brand new job that I actually liked doing!! The article was full of useful tips and information, and gave the history about forklifts and then what the training is all about, and what they cover during your training. I hope my summarized version helps you figure out if you want to hold a forklift certificate or not!

Before considering ever getting a new job you should probably do some research on it. A lot like any vehicle license, you need to get a forklift license after your forklift training (which you can read about here). For those of you who think a forklift certification is up your alley, you may want to ask yourself `What is a forklift, exactly?’ Well, a forklift is a powered industrial truck that is used to lift and move heavy materials short distances throughout the warehouse and factories. Believe it or not, forklifts are actually one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in warehousing and manufacturing operations to date! They were developed early in the 20th century and were used later on world wide after World War II.

Why do we use forklifts? Well, imagine your current capacity… What can you carry, and how much of it can you carry? Probably not a 700lbs piece of wood, or metal. But, with a forklift you can. Instead of moving around heavy materials and wrecking your back and other muscles (which will just cause a long term problem for you) you could just use a forklift instead. The most common forklift out there is the gas powered ones, and they have a capacity of 2 to 2.5 tonnes! That is a lot more than man power!

During your forklift training you will learn about load handling, pedestrians within the work place,features and safety equipment. They will also let you know about the difference between driving with a load and without one, refuelling or recharging your machine and other general requirements.

It basically takes no time at all, and thanks to my computer, and internet access I was able to see how much a course would cost, and where to take my course. The internet also provided me with a lot of useful information, so I could go into the course confident that I would pass and be leaving with a forklift certificate. Everywhere pretty much needs a forklift operating man, so you would almost be promised a job! If you already have a job in the warehouse, then it really doesn’t hurt to expand your qualifications!!!

Lets all give a big thanks to computers, a HURRAH for the internet… And good Luck to You!

Surprising Tech Aid for Learning Gunsmithing

I’m a casual gamer who occasionally picks up first person military shooters to kill some time during vacations. With today’s market being flooded with video games, I’ve discovered that top tier game developers often throw in a lot of bonus content including smart phone apps to market and promote their product. These applications are often cookie cutter with little to no entertainment value and absolutely no educational worth, but on very rare occasions, one does find an app that is worth more than a passing glance. Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Network (featuring GunSmith) app is a prime example of an application that goes beyond the typical product promotion theme.

This application is basically a gun creation and customization tool to accompany the Ghost Recon Future Soldier video game that involves elements of thought marketing to promote the actual product. It allows the users to customize and simulate a total of 52 real life firearms that are included in the video game. You don’t need to purchase the game to use this app which allows you to create a total of twenty million variations of the weapons available in its roster. The weapon creation is fully realized in high quality three dimensional graphics and the attention to detail is quite admirable – the weapons are modelled down to their inner parts which can be viewed from any angle to gain an understanding of how they come together. A number of famous modern guns such as ACR, AK47, 417, MP7, M118, Skorpion Evo 3PKP, M590A, Goblin and dozens more are at the user’s disposal to discover their inner mechanisms and structure.

It is obvious that this app, which is available for devices running the iOS, will be heaven for someone who wishes to become a gunsmith. They can become familiar with the basic building blocks of all weapons and can use this application in conjunction with educational content to get a much clearer understanding of the working of various popular weapons before they begin their search for good gunsmithing schools. But this app also has an attraction factor for gunsmithing instructors at these institutes because of the way it provides three dimensional visualizations of weapons which can aid them in providing illustrated descriptions to their students during classroom lectures. By projecting their smartphone screen onto a wall, they can make the entire class see how various weapons come together without spending a dollar on expensive on-demand 3D modelling.

This application is also a great aid to make children (those who are at least 9 years old) understand and appreciate the fact that there is more to a gun than the sheer violence that it used to inflict. When kids are allowed to understand the science and art which come together to construct a firearm, they will look at it much more responsibly. Although the game developers may have intended to use this application only to promote their video game, they unintentionally created an application that has considerable educational benefits for those who are interested in modern weaponry. It is perhaps an excellent way to initiate hobbyists into the world of gunsmithing.

What To Look For In An Online Pregnancy Test Calculator

If you suspect that you may be pregnant it is always advisable to visit your doctor for confirmation. If however, for some reason or other you are not able to do this, then there are other options that you can turn to for some peace of mind. There are the pregnancy tests you can buy at the pharmacy, these are quite conclusive and in the absence of a doctors opinion, these are pretty reliable. If however, this is not an option for you, what can you do to determine if you are expecting or not? Well in today’s times you don’t have to fret, because it can be as simple as going on to the internet and finding a pregnancy test calculator like this one. These can be available free of charge, or they can be available at a nominal cost. It depends on which website you choose to log onto. But these tests are pretty accurate as well. You just have to input the correct information, and the test very cleverly makes all the calculations for you.

But if you’re trying to find an online pregnancy test calculator that is reliable and that produces trustworthy results, then what do you look for in a pregnancy test calculator? Well these tests are pretty standard. So you just need a test that asks you for a few basic and simple information. All of the tests available will usually ask you for one of two bits of information. The test will require you to know when the last date of your menstrual period was. If you don’t know this, then you will have to know the date that you conceived the baby. The second option is a much more difficult option. People very rarely know exactly when they conceived. So it is always safer for you to make sure you know when the first day of your last period was. This is really the only thing you need from an online pregnancy test calculator. You will choose which information you know, and input that information into the calculator. There will usually be a drop down list of dates to choose from.

Then you simply click on the button which says “calculate”. The results will show in seconds. The test will reveal to you how far along you are. The test will also be able to tell you approximately when you are due to have your baby. Depending on which online pregnancy site you are using, there can also be lots of other bits of useful information which the site gives to you. There are a few subscription sites which require you to pay a nominal fee every month, and in return they send you helpful and interesting pieces of information on pregnancy. Some sites for example, send you weekly updates on how far along you are and include information regarding the details of how advanced the foetus is in its stages of development. Some sites even send you interesting diagrams, that help you to understand how your baby is growing.

Do You Have Your Own Website? If So Amazon Is Your Best Friend

Every day tens of thousands or possibly even hundreds of thousands of new websites are born. The number of websites on the Internet is astonishing and although nobody knows exactly how many there are it’s certainly an enormous figure, and growing fast daily.

It seems like just about everybody has their own website nowadays, and that might include you. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

If you have your own website you’ll know that there is quite a bit of work involved in building a website and populating it with content. For many people, unless they are using a free website, there is also some cost involved in having your own website.

So wouldn’t it be nice if you could recover a little money to make up for the amount of time and money that you are spending on your website?

In fact it’s not quite as difficult as you think. If you have a website that has anything to do with physical products, or even books, chances are Amazon will be your friend.

Why is Amazon your friend if you own your own website? Let’s see. I’ll use a gun safes website as an example.

You may never have heard of that “affiliate program”. An affiliate program is where you send a visitor from your website to another website where they buy a product, because you have recommended it, and you earn a small commission as result of the fact that you have sent the visitor to that website.

And Amazon offers what is probably the Internet’s biggest affiliate program. Let’s have a look at how it works, using a website about gun safes as an example.

Take a look at this page You’ll see it’s a page about gun safe reviews, where there are a number of different gun safes reviewed and there are images with “best price”.. If you hover your mouse pointer over the image of the best price you’ll see that a picture of a particular gun safe pops up from Amazon. Click on the picture of the gun safe and you’ll go to the page on Amazon where it is sold.

If you were to purchase that gun safe and Amazon know that you came from the gun safes website, and therefore that you were forwarded to Amazon from that website, they will pay the website owner a small commission for sending business to Amazon.

Lets look at another example. Take a look at this page about Stack-On gun safes at Obviously that page talks about Stack-On gun safes and you’ll see links to Amazon on that page as well. Click on the link and you’ll find that they will again take you to the particular Stack-On gun safe. The same applies, if you were to purchase that safe then the owner of the gun safes website will earn a small commission.

That’s how affiliate programs work. There’s tens of thousands of affiliate programs on the Internet covering just about anything you could imagine and chances are you can find one that you can use on your website to help make a small amount of money to defray some of the costs of running a website and make up for the time you’ve spent writing the content.

And if you’re looking for an affiliate program and you talk about products on your website then Amazon is a great place to start.

Enrolling in Online Welding Courses

This is the age of the internet, and it has left almost no profession unchanged – welding is no exception to this. Today, online welding courses are available for students that give them in-depth training so that they can become professional, well established welders. Many businesses are tapping into the growing workforce of welders who have graduated through distance learning programs.



The welding courses offered online are quite thorough in covering safety procedures such as protective eyewear/clothing, handling of equipment and maintenance of proper ventilation. You can learn more about the safety protocols for an online course by checking with the institute offering it– either by contacting them or by browsing their website.



The biggest advantage of online welding courses is that they allow you to receive your welding certification from the comfort of your home, and in a timetable that is flexible and manageable. If you’re someone who already has a career or job, yet wish to become a professionally certified welder, then online welding courses will definitely help you out.

Another cool thing about online welding courses is that they are not restricted to those individuals who want to become professional welders upon graduation. Students who want to take up welding as a hobby, or perhaps want to learn it so they can work on an industrial art assignment can easily discover online welding courses ranging from very easy to very tough – whatever suits their needs.


Career opportunities

Those who graduate from online welding programs can secure jobs as simple welders, structural welders, MIG welders, welding supervisors and assistant welders. A large number of companies work with welders on a contractual basis and there are also those that sign on welders for full-time, permanent jobs. One thing you need to remember about online welding courses is that they are not yet as widely endorsed as their regular counterparts – mainly because there are so many online courses available that employers and interviewers have to view them with an extra degree of scrutiny. Other issues with online courses is the fact that certain skills, like underwater welding should be taken from a physical, bricks and mortar type welding school, in order to receive the best training. To ensure that your online welding certificate is given the same consideration as a regular welding certificate, only opt for those online welding courses which are offered by an accredited and well established welding school.


A Good Place to Start

An example of an institute that offers quality distance learning courses for aspiring welders is the American Welding Society itself. Their lineup of online welding courses is regarded as extremely comprehensive. The courses are taught in an accessible, engaging modular format and contain content that is developed and kept up to date by expert AWS instructors. Students wishing to access seminar material can do so at their discretion and the instructors are also routinely available to entertain students’ queries. All in all, this is one of the most reliable and well reputed online welding programs that you can go for – whether you’re someone who is just starting down this career path or someone who is already an expert welder who wants to share and update their skills alongside the next generation of aspiring welders.

Effects Of Computers and Internet On The Payday Loans Industry

Accessing a payday loan in Europe has never been as easy as it is today thanks to computers and the Internet. Back in the day, one had to go through a lengthy and tiresome procedure to be able to access a payday loan. However, with the advent of technology, things have changed a lot. For starters, the challenging process of having to queue for long hours at the local lender to apply for a loan only to be turned away has almost been eliminated. Instead, one only needs to have a computer that is connected to the Internet to be able to access the numerous payday loans lenders online.

A recent news report from the Spanish portal revealed that in 2013 there was a 65% growth in users applying to Payday Loans through Internet. The original report says:

En el 2013 el crecimiento de los préstamos personales ha incrementado un 65% por parte de usuarios online. Obtener un préstamo rápido es fácil y sencillo ya que los créditos online no requieren de largas filas ni papeleos. Estas ventajas son de gran beneficio para cualquier usuario que se encuentra en apuros monetarios.

Translation: In 2013 we have noticed a 65% growth from online users of payday loans. Applying for this type of loan is easy and fast, as it doesn’t require filling papers and providing documents that is time consuming. Theses advantages are a huge benefit for any user looking for a fast way to get money.

Further, the tons of paperwork associated with applying for such a loan have been eliminated, as one is only required to fill a form online on which he or she will provide the required information. This is how easy the process for applying for a payday loan has become. No more long lines to make in a bank and no more time wasting by filling a lot of papers. One is able to apply for a payday loan and get it within a few hours of the application; in some cases you can even get your loan within 15 minutes. In addition to this, on does not have to provide a lot of information the next time he or she applies for the loan as such information is safely stored within the lenders’ databases.

However, there are some negatives that are associated with computers, the Internet and technology making the access of payday loans easy. The main problem with this is the fact that many people seem to apply for such loans even when they do not need them. Further, technology has brought into play some scrupulous payday loan lenders thanks to the ease with which they can setup such businesses online. This has led to many people having to pay exceedingly high interest rate led to some people being heavily in debt. However, the positives of the advancements brought about by technology surpass the negatives.

If you have any question regarding to this topic, don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact form. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

My Experience Attending a Funeral Service Webcast

Today, technology allows us to do things that not long ago seemed impossible. Such technology is called funeral webcasting, the most innovative service available for those who want to organize or attend a funeral online. A funeral webcast is a service that allows the friends and family of a deceased person to attend a funeral or memorial service from any place in the world, through the internet.

Here are a few different reasons for which you may want to use this technology and attend a funeral remotly:

  • You are living in a nursing home
  • You job is not letting you take time off
  • You are overseas

It should be noted, that such a feature can be expensive, so if you made your own funeral arrangements and are interested to have this as part of your ceremony, I highly recommend you update you funeral insurance* to cover this new additional so as to not run into issues later on.

My Experience with a Funeral Webcast

I had a friend living overseas who lost his brother and he wanted me to attend the funeral. But, because of financial issues and work related problems, I couldn’t travel overseas to attend the funeral and the memorial service. Luckily, my friend decided to use the services of a funeral webcasting company since many of us, his friends and a few relatives, were still overseas.

Even if some individuals may find this way of attending a funeral as superficial and lacks a certain personal touch, sometimes it can be the only solution available. It is clearly a better option to attend a service remotely than not to attend at all.

I used my MacBook Air to stream the event, while another friend of mine who couldn’t make service as well used his HP Chromebook. During the broadcast, my friend called me and said that the streaming was choppy on his laptop and he had no sound. He wanted to know if this was my experience as well.

This was far from my experience, as I had a MacBook Air, which allowed me to see the streaming at a very good resolution and with sound with no problems what so ever. It is obvious that he had a computer with lower specifications, which didn’t allow him to stream the funeral in the proper way.

Technology Requirements

Normally, the requirements stated by the company that makes the broadcasting only involve having a connection to the internet. But, my experience can be proof that you need a good computer or laptop in order to view a funeral properly.

Funeral Homes are adapting more and more to fulfill the requirements for streaming and they are going high tech. Crematories are equipped with the touch screen controls and head stones can have bar codes that can be deciphered using smartphones taking you a an online memorial page of the deceased.

Even if video cameras are mostly used for festive occasions or weddings, they are becoming more common place at funerals as well, especially when the deceased person is a public figure. A webcast usually costs a few hundred dollars, but some funeral homes are providing this service for a fee or part of a package depending which funeral home you use.

*Not familiar with funeral insurance? Visit for details on how to compare funeral coverage and what to look for when comparing funeral insurance companies.

Home is Where the Robots Are

Stop the presses, because today I just got one of the coolest net based gadgets ever. It’s my house! Home automation is the way of the future. I’ve seen movies where robot butlers prepare your breakfast and fluff your pillows and all the blinds come up dramatically as the character enters the room to look out over a beautiful ocean vista, and well now we’re half way to that dream.

So what is it? Well it’s all in the name, home automation. Basically we’re talking about letting the computers control some of the basic thing we do around the house, turning off the lights at night, adjusting the heat or starting the coffee maker in the morning. It might not be the central AI system that responds to voice commands and eventually starts trying to attack us (as always seems to be the case) but it is really cool nonetheless.

Here are the basics. My house is now equipped with a monitored home alarm system, a fortress protected by motion sensors, cameras, glass break sensors and magnetic entryway trip switches, as well as smoke detectors, flood and leak sensors and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s total home security, inside and out. Along with this security system came the home automation devices as well, so I can turn on lights or appliances, or set them to a timer, automatically have my thermostat turn down the temperature while I’m sleeping or at work and even control my door locks. The best thing about all this? It’s totally mobile and I have complete access via an app on my phone or tablet. Not sure why it’s so cool? Consider this. I’m at work, my thermostat is already automatically turned down and I get a text message. Oh, there is someone at the front door, let me pull up my security camera and have a look at who that might be. Wonderful, it’s the cleaners here for their regular cleaning, I see them on the camera, push a button on my phone to disable the security system and another to unlock the door (and I know it was locked before because my phone tells me that too). Now I can return to work and I can return home to a clean and protected home since I was able to see when the cleaners left and re-arm the system. All this done in minutes, from work plus I never had to give anyone a key (which could get lost or copied) or an alarm code/training in how to use set/disarm the system.

So in this little scenario, I hardly even touched on the actual home security system, being so excited about the home automation, but this thing is no slouch. I compared a lot of security companies to find the right one but now my home is a castle and not only that, totally wireless, even the connection going out of the house is done via cellular tech. I guess most of the stuff is pretty standard security gear, but one thing I found cool was learning about the glass break sensor. These things can cover an entire rooms worth of windows/glass and only work off the sound of breaking glass to trigger the alarm, that’s technology at work that I never would have thought of. Other than the standard “crime” type security measures are what I feel are more important the fire, water and CO sensors are now in place in case of disaster. I wasn’t familiar with the flood sensor, but it is a great little device that goes on the ground, near pipes or important items and will give you an alert if it gets wet, pretty ingenious and useful too.

To me, this is all really cool, but if you don’t think so there is one thing I think most of us will agree makes it pretty great and that is the savings I get on my energy bill now that I never forget to turn off a light before I leave and my heating/cooling is totally streamlined and maintained by computer. Surely it can’t be long now until the robotic butlers are fluffing those pillows too.

Top Browser Applications for Android Smartphones and Tablets

A browser is an important tool that people must use to view data and images that is available online. Without the use of a browser people will not be able to surf the web or to engage in online activities. This is not only true for PC users it is also applies for mobile device users as well. The following information will help tablet and smartphone users to select the best application browsers that they can use to surf the web.

All these browser applications are available for free on Google Play Store. Just in case you can’t access Google Play and you need to do a manual install of these apps, then you should visit an APK resource site for download , find you favourite app there and follow installation instructions.


FireFox is one of the highest rated browsers in the history of computers. This web portal is so well received that it is ranked as the number 3 browser in the world. Users can open up multiple windows with this browser while they look up different subjects. They can also utilize separate windows to watch videos and even listen to web radio. Firefox has up-to-date coding to translate web pages, allows users to surf the web at amazing speeds and it provides users with lots of security while they browse online.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a highly rated app browser that is the best on the market. Chrome has been around for a short time and it is only getting bigger and better. Chrome allows users to surf the web with without hassle or problem. The browser is fast, reliable and packs a lot of power. Users can sync this browser across various devices, use a voice search feature to look up different topics and they can easily translate pages from one language to the next. Gestures can be used in Chrome to flip through pages and to enter information online.

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser is a fairly new web portal that allows users to put their favourite sites on speed dial. They also can also set up advance gesture features to surf the web with their fingertips. There is a cloud feature that automatically syncs devices together through Maxthon and the private browser feature is included as well. Maxthon even has built in Flash support. Maxthon is a solid web browser that can help people to make the most of their online experience.


The Opera browser app is designed for entertainment purposes. This app is also made for speed and people can use the download manager to get movies and music from off the web. It also has other benefits such as multiple windows and useful add-ons. Playing videos and listening to music with Opera provides users with the best experience possible since the browser is specifically designed for these two type of activities.

UC Browser

UC is another fairly new browser and this app is designed to deliver some amazing features. Users can enjoy fast browsing, quality add-ons and smart downloading. Cloud downloading, custom themes and incognito browsing are included in this browser as well. There is also a night mode to protect a person’s eyes in the dark and auto pager which automatically load pages. UC is slowly becoming a highly favoured app among users.

De-mystifying the Tech Behind Modern Appliances: Pet Vacuums and Portable Air Conditioners

Overall modern technology has improved the lives of the vast majority of us, only there are plenty of people that do not quite understand what it is all about. Modern appliances are there to make our lives easier, and less complicated than if we did not have the latest gadgets and products in our homes. Two such appliances are pet vacuums, and portable air conditioning units, and they can certainly make our lives easier. Knowing how they work can also help people in de-mystifying the tech behind gadgets.

Understanding how pet vacuums work

Pet vacuums are a modern appliance intended to make the lives of pet owners easier, and, therefore, better. Brooms, brushes, dust pans and brushes can, and are often used to clean up after pets but they do not always make homes as clean as most people would hope them to become. No matter how hard people try with brooms and brushes they find it very difficult to clean up everything left behind by their pets. Besides it can seem that pet owners have to put in a lot of time and effort to clean up after their pets.

Pet owners have used ordinary vacuum cleaners for many years to attempt to make their home cleaning efforts more effective than by using manual brooms and brushes to get the job done. However, not even vacuum cleaners can always get the smallest pet hairs, or rogue strands of fur. Some of the mess that your pets leave behind is barely detectable by the human eye.

If you purchase vacuum cleaners with extra powerful suction then all the tiny bits of fur, fluff, and hairs left behind by your pets are sucked up and out of your home. Vacuums that are able to wash carpets and rugs could also be amongst the best to use as they will wash away mites and bacteria from your pets. You can find more information about pet vacuums from

Understanding how portable air conditioners work

Now portable air conditioners if you live in a place that is usually hot, or somewhere that is enduring a heat wave can be all the difference between staying warm, and getting cool. If people live in warmer climates, they will often have a full air conditioning system installed. Such systems tend be expensive, and use up a lot of power. During the worst heat waves if everybody puts on their air conditioning units on full then it can cause power cuts.

The advantage of owning, or even renting portable air conditioning units is that it can be more cost effective than installing a full air conditioning system. If you live somewhere that does not often have heat waves you may only want to use air conditioning on an infrequent basis, so a portable system might be ideal in such situations.

Portable air conditioning systems have their own power supplies, so they are not going to stop working if there is a power cut. So if you are using one of those systems and there is a power cut you can stay cool whilst everybody could quite be left sweating.